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Meedol icon


Find halfway places to meet with faraway people! Whether you are meeting a faraway friend or your business contact, let Meedol find your meeting place and save time and gas money.

Cluzzle icon


Cluzzle is a thrilling and intellectually stimulating puzzle game that will test your wits and sharpen your deductive skills. Push your analytical thinking and logical deduction skills to the limit!

CostarMagic icon


The ultimate game to challenge your knowledge of duos starring in multiple movies together. Discover fascinating connections between your favorite actors!

Drapo icon


A new and unique twist on the flag quiz genre. Drapo is a fun game for all enthusiasts of world geography. Drapo tests your ability to match a country with its national flag.

Patterny icon


Dive into a world of pattern recognition, logic, and strategic thinking as you unravel the mysteries of the missing number.

Equazzler icon


Solve fun addition puzzles and enhance your calculation skills. Get ready to sum up the fun!

Equazzler S icon

Equazzler S

Become a master of mental subtraction! Put your mental subtraction skills to the test! Are you ready to sharpen your mind, improve your concentration, and become a subtraction whiz?

Equazzler X icon

Equazzler X

Become a master of mental multiplication! Prepare to unlock your inner math genius. Equazzler X is the ultimate mental multiplication puzzle that will sharpen your calculation skills!

Equazzler D icon

Equazzler D

Become a master of mental division! Master division with ease! Solve challenging puzzles and sharpen your mental math skills. Get ready to divide and conquer!

Memwa icon


Improve your eye-brain coordination, your memory processing speed and more. Memwa implements spatial recall challenges to help you improve the capacity and precision of your memory.

Unstaball icon


Unstaball is a simple, easy to play and exciting physics-based game that challenges your swipe & throw skills. Challenge your swiping skills by simply aiming and throwing the GREEN BALL inside the circle (ring).

Katalis icon


Katalis is a classified stock news aggregator, an essential tool for trading strategies based on news. Katalis aggregates and classifies news headlines to keep you informed of eventual catalysts (acquisition, buyouts, merger, patent, FDA, earnings, agreement, investor update...)